Thursday, March 30, 2006

verily I say unto thee that I shit thee not

See? I wasn't lying. Tom appeared on Leno in the States on the evening of the 29th, and the show will be broadcast on AFKN this evening (the 30th) in Korea. Alas, I have no TV, so I'll be missing the broadcast. If any of you teched-up, gizmo-savvy folks would care to record the Ed Asner segment and render it as a downloadable video clip (or at least offer me a few choice screen captures), I'd be in your debt and would gladly give you every single one of my precious colon polyps.

Look at the image below, which was taken from the Leno website (hurry: the image changes periodically). Scroll down until you see the arrow pointing to my buddy Tom, who is pictured in a way that shows off his anatomical gift.

Send me an email if you've got the video clip, or if you happen to notice a clip of Tom's act on YouTube or Google Video or some other such service.

Kick ass, Tom!

UPDATE: I just noticed that, in the above screen shot, the intro paragraph mentions "George, Georgina, and Jonathan." Those were the three people on the previous Ed Asner segment. Oops. Way to update your site, NBC.



Sean said...

You might want to check out Late Night Torrents

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, man. I'll be keeping tabs.


Sean said...

Your friend is a freak! I just watched it and I want to know how he discovered this "talent".