Thursday, March 23, 2006

gracias, merci, danke (redux)

Many thanks to The Lost Nomad and A Arte da Fuga for the sudden slew of visits to this humble blog.



kwandongbrian said...

I'll join the Nomad in complementing your new banner.

Also, I'm jealous that you have a banner. Although I have not used your tutorial on photoshopping light-sabers, I feel comforted that I know it's available to me. Is there any chance of a tutorial on how to put a banner on a blogspot blog? Or even a link or short explanation of how?

Thanks, whatever the response.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks for the comment.

If you hover your mouse over the main text of my blog, then hit right-click, then select the "View Source" option (or, in Korean, "soh-seu bo-gi"), you'll see a window showing you my template's HTML. Scroll down a short way from the top of the HTML, and you'll find the HTML tag containing my banner.

Sticking a banner on your blog is pretty much like sticking a picture in the main text of your blog. It's simply a matter of poring over the HTML in your own template to figure out where, exactly, the banner/header-related HTML is.

When I originally rooted around my own Blogger template, there was a lot of trial and error before I finally figured out where to stick the HTML. I had to use the "Preview" function quite a few times before I got it right.

Other, more complex alterations (such as the addition of the sidebar, which was not part of the original template) were coded by an HTML-savvy friend of mine.

Hope this helps,