Sunday, March 12, 2006

this article is a stub

I'm sick of seeing the above sentence appended to short-short Wikipedia articles. The honeymoon is over, I think: my warm fuzzies for Wikipedia have pretty much faded. The notion of an open-source encyclopedia sounds nice on the surface, but you can't take Wikipedia seriously as a resource for, say, research papers.

So it comes to this: Wikipedia, while interesting to look at, doesn't do it for me anymore. I find myself acting like an unfaithful spouse, visiting other encyclopedias when I need hard information instead of dealing with Wikipedia's over-the-top "edit wars." Who needs that neurotic shit?

Wikipedia. The en-psycho-pedia.

Wikipedia is a frustrating spouse. She won't go down on me. She won't do anal. She keeps insisting that I shave my armpit hair and trim my pubes. She won't let me tongue her navel, and she insists she was born with hypersensitive nipples. It's too much. If she's gonna be like that... this marriage can't last.

Now, to the point: the title of today's blog post-- based on the idea that a stub is a short article soon to be replaced by a longer, more substantive one-- simply means WATCH THIS SPACE, because I've got a decent story to tell, and I'm hoping to tell it with pictures.

Just a teaser: The story starts off with Kevin up at 5:30AM on Sunday after getting only two hours' sleep. We then switch to a nearly five-hour trek along the windy, freezing ridge of Bukhan-san. Then-- SMASH CUT to Hwagye-sa INTERIOR, where Kevin and Sperwer (who led the hike and proved to be a tough bastard) have traded constant trudging along the mountaintop ridge for sitting stock-still in the zendo. The latter for the standard 90 minutes.

More later. Stay tuned.


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Anonymous said...

> She won't do anal.

I beg to differ. Slap her around a bit and out come the kneepads...