Friday, October 26, 2007

Ave, GI!

GI Korea over at ROK Drop has a hilarious post featuring a YouTube clip about a product designed specially for all dem lazy fuckaz out there: the Love Chair. Yes: an automatic chair that does your fucking for you. And to make you feel even more like a john, you actually have to pay the chair. I shit you not.

I watched, horrified, while one part of that medieval device slammed with staccato alacrity into the other part, and couldn't help thinking that a guy would have to be fucking crazy to risk having his ball sac pulped between those mean-looking pads. Does the machine come with a spray bottle and sponge to clean off the spoo, lady juice, and bloody chunks of testicle?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But the residual spoo, lady juice, and bloody chunks of testicle is all part of it's charm!