Saturday, October 06, 2007

posters gone

I'm at the office, and because I'm not very observant, I only just noticed that my two posters are gone from the message board across the hall. Luckily, I've got some extras, so I slapped copies of the same two posters back on the board and added a handwritten message ordering people not to take the posters.

I have an idea that the posters weren't removed by students, but by sneaky little office staffers from downstairs. I say this because those staffers have violated the sanctity of our message board before.

For that reason, my handwritten message-- which is in Korean-- contains an English-language addendum aimed at the office staff: "Don't be sneaky!"

If the office wants the posters down for some reason, they should talk to me, for God's sakes. I spent a lot of time working on those things. If I'm wrong, and the posters were stolen by unnamed students or other passersby, well... I'm perversely flattered.


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