Monday, October 22, 2007

why I haven't written about the weather

You'd think that, after all my bitching and moaning about the summer's heat and humidity, I'd be singing autumn's praises about now, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. Two days ago, the weather was crisp here in Seoul, cool enough for me to see my breasts-- uh, breath at night. Then it warmed up yesterday, and warmed up even more today, making me wonder whether fall has truly decided to remain with us. The sudden drop in temperature traditionally occurs around mid-October in Seoul, but the past three years have made me wary: fall has become coy, and I'm in no mood for a tease. We had a taste of fall cold right on schedule... then along came the current warmth. Damn this faux Indian summer.

So are yesterday and today to be chalked up as flukes, or should I wait another few weeks before flapping my ponderous buttocks in delight? In any event, today is not a day for buttock-flapping. Today, my friends, the ass droops in fundamental sadness.


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Anonymous said...

I'll trade weather with you. It's pretty cool down here, and I'm not quite ready for winter.