Saturday, October 13, 2007

with thanks to ROK Drop

I had a special visitor a little while back thanks to ROK Drop's kind link to my post on, as one blogger called it, "hot Noh-on-Kim action." Check it out:



Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. I hope he got a laugh out of it. Then again it is Berkeley so he might be offended that you spoofed Kim Jong-il.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited. There is a commenter over at Occidentalism who views and posts using a Berkeley president's office computer. It may be the president himself, but I seriously doubt it. I posted a guest entry over at Occidentalism last year, and comments were sent to my gmail account with visitor details.

Anonymous said...

"Visit Length 0 Seconds?" How does that work?

Kevin Kim said...


SiteMeter distinguishes between "unique visits" and "page views" using the arbitrary time of 30 minutes as demarcation. If a person visits my main page, then "flips" to another blog post of mine that's not on my main page (e.g., an archived post), then leaves, SiteMeter registers 1 unique visit and 2 page views. If that person comes back within the arbitrary 30-minute period, that subsequent visit is counted merely as another page view, not as a unique visit. If, however, the visitor comes back after 30 minutes, that visit is counted as a unique visit, not as another page view.

That's the background. To answer your question: if a person surfs over to my site and stays there without flipping through intra-blog links, then that person's visit time is listed as zero. It's only when a person has more than one page view that SiteMeter begins timing visits. Essentially, the timer is tracking the time between page views. Theoretically, a person could surf over to my blog, suddenly get up to take a 2-hour-long shit, then surf off to another site, leaving a visit time of zero (1 unique visit, 1 page view).

I think every stat counter has its own weird way of tracking site statistics, which is why the only meaningful way to compare traffic between two or more sites is for those sites to use the same counter.


If it's not the president, I hope it's some hot secretary.

GI Korea,

Yeah, I imagine the Berkeley crowd wouldn't take to kindly to having their North Korean idol tweaked. Then again, they might be all for his "batting for the other team"-- a stickier sort of rapprochement.


Anonymous said...

The commenter is male. I've never seen him, so I can't judge whether he's hot or not, and I don't know exactly what job he is supposed to be doing while he is visiting blogs and leaving comments.