Monday, October 08, 2007

scholastic update

1. My Upstanding Girl

I told my student that she was free to stand up during class. She smiled, said thanks... and remained seated the entire hour. This might have had something to do with the fact that I gave a quiz and had the students do the usual group work. Kind of hard to stand aloof when you're supposed to be involved in what's going on.

2. Teaching "Three's Company"

We're done with "Friends" and have started "Three's Company," which I discovered is based on a British sitcom called "Man About the House." The pilot of 3C was broadcast in 1977, the same year "Star Wars" came out. My students' eyes widened as some of them realized how truly old I must be: I was seven years old when "Star Wars" hit theaters in May of that year (I turned 8 in August). Most of my students hadn't even been born.

Along with the geriatric amusement was a bit of wistfulness. I didn't tell my students that most of the main cast members of "Three's Company" are now dead: Norman Fell (Stanley Roper), Audra Lindley (Helen Roper), Don Knotts (Ralph Furley), and perhaps saddest of all, John Ritter (Jack Tripper). I'll spring that on them later.

And perhaps now is the time to admit that, yes, I've always had a thing for Janet. Brunettes. Yum. Especially the way she looks in that very first episode: she appears, hung over, creeping unsteadily out of the bedroom in a sports jersey-style nightie that hangs below the knees, but is slitted on either side almost up to the hips. Ah, the moment she first sits on that couch and her tight little thighs slip into view... frisson.

Strangely enough, Chrissy is supposed to be the hot one, but she never really did it for me. This isn't to say I'm not into blondes-- au contraire, I'm as fascinated by them as most Asian guys are. But they're not my primary target.


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  1. I was also never really interested in Chrissy - Janet all the way baby!



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