Tuesday, October 16, 2007

do you have enemies?

A coworker asked me whether I had any enemies, which is a question I don't recall ever being asked before. She was quite precise in what she wanted to know: she wasn't asking about personality conflicts or petty discord; she was seriously wondering whether I had any long-term foes-- people who have focused their hatred specifically on me over the long term, and whom I abominate in kind.

Do you have any enemies like that? Me, I had to rack my brains a bit before I finally dredged up a name.



Charles said...

Did she use the word "wonsu(원수)?" That's what it sounds like she was asking.

I've thought about it for a bit, but I cannot think of anyone I would qualify as wonsu. There are people I dislike, and who dislike me, but not on the level of wonsu.

(Of course, if you ask my wife this question, she'll probably name me without hesitation.)

Kevin Kim said...


She speaks excellent English, and that particular conversation was held in English, so she simply said "enemies." I don't know whether she intended "weonsu" or "jeok" or some other word.


R said...

Luke Skywalker and the Klingons don't count Kevin...

The Maximum Leader said...

Did you name me as your one implacable enemy?

Jelly said...

My cat Kamikaze definitely views you as his archenemy and is currently doing what he does most nights - sitting in his carrot and plotting your death.
Was his the name you finally came up with?

Anonymous said...

Although I don't think everyone likes me, and I don't like everyone in return, I would be hard pressed to say that just ONE person would fit the moniker "enemy."

Wait a minute.

I believe it's myself.

Unknown said...

I have an entire list of enemies. granted, it sorely needs updating (which I might just do this weekend.) I wonder if John Dean will help.

Everyone should have an enemies list. I feel that's one of the traditions that shamefully left behind with the Nixon administration