Sunday, October 07, 2007

a comment on comments

I appreciate the larger-than-usual amount of feedback I'm getting re: my student who wants to stand in class. Commenters with a military background are unanimous that standing is indeed an effective remedy for fatigue. What I find strange about my give-and-take with the commenters is that, when I wrote in my first post on the subject that "I'm not a drill sergeant," I was trying to say that I was hesitant to order my student to sit down. Charlie of Budae Chigae 2 just wrote in and he, as a drill instructor, reinforces the other commenters' opinions that standing is indeed the best solution. So the paradox is this: those with drill instructor tendencies are saying I shouldn't be a drill instructor, and should allow the student to stand since she's the one who feels this will help her stay awake. One commenter suggested I take her desire to stay awake as a compliment. Yes, I suppose it is that.

What a weird exchange I'm having with my readers. Not a single person has piped up about my post on my pronunciation class, but this post, for whatever reason, seems to have attracted quite a bit of atten-HUT.

Thanks again, gentlemen. (Yes, "gentlemen": no ladies have piped up yet, which is mighty strange.)


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