Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ave, Stafford!

Stafford the Kiwi: triumph and tragedy.



R said...

Don't know if it's just a localised glitch, but those links don't work for me Kevin...

Just a bunch of html...

Kevin Kim said...


I just tried the links from my office, and they work OK. The links worked on my Mac at home last night, too, so I don't know what might be going on.

So solly,


Stafford said...

More "Tragic" than Tragedy.

On the links - I have yet to fix that bug. It seems that Blogger and my host don't play nice with Firefox. (Despite it being my browser of choice.) Links work fine on Internet Explorer 6 and above, and on Safari for Mac and Windows.

One day I will get round to fixing it.

If you go to my main page you'll see the posts.

Thanks for the mention Kevin :-)