Tuesday, October 02, 2007

sleep: it does a body good

I hit the sack around 9:30PM last night, which is freakishly early for most adults. I normally get to sleep around 12:30 or 1:00AM on weeknights, for such is my vampiric nature. I haven't been a morning person since high school, when it was routine to wake up around 6:00AM. With 7:40AM classes at Smoo, I normally wake up around 6:30AM to begin the long, slow process of evacuating my entrails and washing every square inch of this enormous body of mine (this requires a system of hoses and pulleys not unlike those used on killer whales at Sea World... though I occasionally have to use special sandpaper and chainsaw attachments as well).

Quite out of the blue, I got a little bit sick yesterday, and I can't figure out why. It might have been my very first case of mohm sahl, the Korean term for a rather vaguely defined set of symptoms-- aches, pains, and other blahs, often associated with being tired. My buddy Tom wanted to go get the W9000 flu shot our university clinic was offering, and he convinced me to go there and get some medicine (he also wanted to find out where the clinic was) during our lunch hour. Tom got his shot (no more rabies and syphilis for him) I got my drugs, and we were two happy junkies.

The pills, coupled with bed rest, vitamins (thanks, Mr. Cruise), and Metamucil, turned out to be a winning combination, though I suspect the greatest credit goes to simple sleep. I was awake and alert today, though no less sweaty than usual. I'm in the office yet again to grade more notebooks (this time from my CNN English class), and will have a break tomorrow as we celebrate Tangun's founding of Gojoseon.



Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better.

For those us with kids, 9:30pm is no longer freakishly early, but a bit late. After HS I was often going to bed at the time I now get up (0445).

Anonymous said...

Sleepie birdies goh tew nesties?

Anonymous said...

Metamucil rocks, doesn't it?

I get it in packets (and sugar free) and dose myself now twice daily just for shits and giggles... a healthy colon is a happy colon:) It's the central-vac of the body:) Gotta keep it happy! Just don't take your vitamins and other meds at the same time:)