Thursday, October 11, 2007

coming soon: real budae-jjigae

I'm not sure when it'll happen, but I plan to foodblog the making of some budae-jjigae with actual Western ingredients: real Spam (to the extent Spam is real), real hot dogs (not the shiticular Korean variety), real ground beef, and real pork and beans-- most of this courtesy of my recent Costco haul. I'm not normally into having beans in my budae, but my taste has evolved somewhat over the last few years.

I'll also be making my lovely spaghetti sauce again, and a mess of chili for taco salad. I won't be foodblogging those, but it's been a long time since I last foodblogged about budae-jjigae. Damn, that post brings back memories.


1 comment:

R said...

You were pretty certain you didn't like beans in your jiggae back in the day.

Things change hey?

You like beer yet?