Wednesday, January 30, 2008

210 tickets

You know why you're coming to the Smoo Lingua bazaar tomorrow?

Because I printed out 210 raffle tickets for that five-pound Hershey's chocolate bar, and will be selling those tickets for a mere W500/pc, and you know you want a crack at eating that chocolate bar, feeling the high that accompanies a massive lactocacaoic overdose, and shitting black toothpaste for a fucking week.

That bar is huge. It's one of the most powerful symbols of American excess I've ever seen, and tomorrow, Koreans will be fighting over it.

Unless you, Expat Blog Reader, enter the fray and show these folks the meaning of desperate capitalism. Hey, if you swoop in and buy all 210 tickets, you're guaranteed the bar. And as I said, once you eat that fucker, you'll be passing the bar all week.

Think about it. And get your ass over to Smoo tomorrow.


1 comment:

Jelly said...

I'm not coming because there's been no scampi pics. What's up with that?