Sunday, January 06, 2008

postal scrotum: Kermit's reaction

My buddy Tom sends me a link to Kermit the Frog's reaction to that Internet sensation, Two Girls, One Cup (do not click the second link unless you have an extremely strong stomach).

There's also video of Kermit bringing the dog Rowlf over to watch 2G1C. Rowlf's reaction, alas, involves a punchline you can see coming from a mile away, but it's still sort of funny.

I admit I wasn't able to finish watching 2G1C the first time I saw it (all credit to the Maven, whose site introduced me to the vid). Then it became a matter of pride to see it through to the end, which I managed to do on the second try. 2G1C was, for me, one of the two most disturbing sights of 2007, the other being the tree-root guy (again, do not click unless you are prepared to see a grossly altered human body). Together, these two images left me rather scarred by the end of the year.

Ladies, I hope you never, ever do the things I saw in that 2G1C video. Good Christ.



daeguowl said...

I should have thought 2 girls one cup would be somewhat up your street...

The Maximum Leader said...

Aiyee! I clicked through on the two girls link - not exactly knowing what to expect... Well... I had to click away quickly - as your Goddaughter decided to come in and talk to me at that very moment.

Kevin Kim said...


If those girls had been shitting fresh ice cream or just-made Mexican food, then yeah, I'd have loved the video.


Yeah, that's definitely Not Safe For Work. You don't want your IT people looking through your logs and discovering you've been visiting that site while at the office.

Kisses to the Villainette,


Malcolm Pollack said...

Good Lord. Next time you advise me not to click on a link, Kevin, I will not be clicking on it.

The first glimpse of the Cup was enough for me. I can only imagine where it goes from there (and have, thankfully, so far managed not to).

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved Kermit's reaction:) Lubriderm, eh? That there is some high-quality "Jerkins" lotion!

In all seriousness, one cannot view 2G1C without seeing 2G1F.

All I can say after viewing 2G1F is, that it made me crave a Baby Ruth.