Wednesday, January 23, 2008

reality impinges

I've begun drafting my official "goodbye" email to my bosses here at Smoo. I don't plan to send it until the end of this month, right before our Lunar New Year break. The office probably knows about my impending late-April departure by now; I've made no secret of it in the staff room, and have spoken of my Kevin's Walk plans with various students (who may, in their turn, have let slip something while filling out forms in our main office).

Leaving Smoo promises to be bittersweet; all in all, despite the administrative madness we go through every semester, it's been a great ride, and even though the pay isn't ideal, I'd seriously consider coming back here after the walk (unless, of course, I find a far sweeter offer at a place with an equally good ambience): some things are more important than money. My sanity, for instance.

Simply typing the draft email this evening has brought home the reality that a Major Transition is in the works for ol' Kevin. As Keanu would say: "Whoa."


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