Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ave, Hellboy!

This preview for "Hellboy 2" sure looks like fun to me. "Speed Racer," which is a Wachowski Brothers effort, looks as though it's geared almost entirely to kids.



Anonymous said...

"geared almost entirely to kids."

Whu...? Have you seen the trailers? It's geared to people like us, who grew up watching Speed Racer as kids. I can't wait for it! If it appeals to today's generation of kids as well, all the better.

(You did grow up watching Speed Racer, right?)

Kevin Kim said...

I did indeed see the trailer, and it's purely a kid's movie. I don't see how an adult would enjoy it at all. This makes it different from other kids' movies I've seen, and not in a good way.

Think about "Transformers," which started life as a kids' TV program and became a live action/CGI film that included masturbation jokes. It would have been nice to see "Speed Racer" updated in a similar fashion.

Yeah, I did grow up watching the cartoon, along with "Johnny Sako's Flying Robot" and "Ultraman."


Anonymous said...

Odd. Did we see the same trailer?

What was it about the trailer that told you it is purely a kid's movie?