Monday, January 07, 2008

first day... halfway through

I've done my first three hours of a six-hour day. The classes were all right, with 9AM CNN English-- my first class of the day on Mondays and Wednesdays-- being the liveliest. The next two classes (intermediate CBI English) went well, but had nowhere near the pep of the first class. I'm glad the day will start off energetically, at least.

I now have a 70-minute lunch break, followed by three hours of intensive English with only five students. Oy.

In any case, it's good to be back at work. It'll take my mind of this still-persistent nosebleed, which has now been with me since about the middle of the fall semester last year. The bleed's not a geyser or anything so dramatic; it's just that the insides of my nostrils have been coated and crusted with blood clots (usually in the form of bloody boogers). When I twist a wad of toilet paper inside a nostril, it always comes out red. Again, not soaked with blood, but definitely covered with it. I should show you a picture one of these days.

I suspect the pressure of last semester-- the hours I was putting in, the amount of work I was doing, the fact that I was doing 7-day weeks for most of the term-- probably led to the present predicament. Getting nastily sick after my return from Europe didn't help, I'm sure.

Right-- enough moaning and groaning. I'm expecting some lunch in a few minutes and I've got some last-minute prep to do for the three-hour class.


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