Thursday, January 03, 2008

how the numbers currently look

I interviewed 21 people over the course of the day. My buddy and colleague Tom interviewed 13. The numbers appear to break down like this after one day of interviewing:

Freshman English: 29 people
Intensive English: 3 people
CBI English: 2 people

We're supposed to have a bit over 100 freshmen in all... I imagine the bulk of them (over sixty?!) will straggle in today (Thursday) for their interviews. I'm hoping we get more people for the intensive and CBI courses, but I'm not betting on it. What happens after that is... well... I'm not sure. The office will have to juggle the numbers, cancel courses that seem to need canceling, then give us the results. By Thursday evening, all will be known, and we'll have either good news or very, very bad news.


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