Tuesday, January 29, 2008

visit our bazaar!

Our bazaar will be happening this coming Thursday on Smoo campus, in the lobby of the Social Education Building, from 1:30PM to about 4:30PM. We're very likely to end early, so try to make it before 3PM if you'd like to grab a drink, get a bite to eat, or just participate in the general merriment.

I'll be selling copies of both of my books at very reduced prices.* I'll also be selling my usual raft of bad art (see here), and we'll be raffling off a five-pound bar of Hershey's chocolate (you can buy these monsters at Costco for fairly cheap). Along with all that, we'll be serving various hot drinks, offering a board game session to paying customers, selling cheesecake by the slice (with raspberry and blueberry topping options), and selling something I'm calling a "German cup." The latter sounds vaguely obscene, but it's simply a cup of my now-famous whipped potatoes plus a big ol' twice-cooked sausage jammed into it, topped with the customer's choice of sauce.

My buddy Tom's group will have comestibles and other items on offer as well... and dwarfing the English students' activities will be the huge contingent of Korean language students-- foreigners learning Korean and managed by their teachers. Our building's lobby promises to have more of a polyglot ambience than the Mos Eisley cantina.

This will be, sadly, my final bazaar, so help me out by showing up and chatting in English with my students.

Pics of previous bazaars are here and here.

*Today, my Intensive 2 students were treated to a reading of one of the poems in my book Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms. The poem is titled "Blasting Shotgun Diarrhea." I read it, reviewed the vocabulary, and explained the imagery (the poem itself actually has nothing to do with diarrhea). I blogged this particular poem once; you can read it here.


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