Thursday, January 31, 2008

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The bazaar is over and I've got a couple photos to slap up. We made W62,000, which is actually better than most of my other bazaars, so I suppose it wasn't a bad way to finish off my career.* We sold out of the andouille and bratwurst, and while I still had leftover whipped potatoes, they got rave reviews (though one student gasped in horror when I told her what made them taste so good; I've promised to share the recipe with my Intensive 2s).

I also sold a book (Water from a Skull, not Scary Spasms), which wasn't something I had seriously expected to do. We didn't sell out of the Costco cheesecake (apparently an acquired taste for many Asians; today's bazaar hosted students from Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, and elsewhere), but my students were hungry so I bought the final eight pieces for them to down. We raffled off the mammoth Hershey's chocolate bar (twenty tickets sold); one of my former students won it. My buddy and colleague Tom stirred up a roaring trade in cups of individually wrapped Mentos candies, glazed duck meat (excellent), ddeok-bokki, and sundry beverages (our group hawked a host of potables as well).

After the cleanup, my students and I hung out for a while in Room 303, which is our normal classroom. We slapped some art on the wall, talked about nothing in particular, and then spent way too much time taking silly pictures, many of which will, unfortunately, end up on the girls' CyWorld homepages. I say "unfortunately" because I was asked to adopt poses that made me look like a disciple of my nemesis, Hello Kitty.

So that was my afternoon. I'll slap the pics up soon, but you'll forgive me if I take some time to wind down: I'm running on only two hours' sleep.

More later. And yes, I'll blog about my colossal failure the other night.

*I'm still here until the end of April, but the next bazaar happens in June, which is why this bazaar is my last one.


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