Saturday, January 12, 2008

the Pooper's retrograde moulting

The Party Pooper announces he's back on Blogspot. His new URL:

If you're a Koreablogger and you don't update your link, then the Pooper threatens:

I'll keep this site here alive for a while until EVERYONE who currently links to this site has updated the link. Beginning next week, I will go through every single blog in K-blogosphere just to check this. For blogs that haven't updated the link, I will leave petty comments on their most recent posts. If they still do not respond, I will be forced to resort to cyber-terrorism (I picked up a few tricks from the hordes of angry 10-year-old kyopos that didn't take too kindly to my posts on their gay boybands, so don't take this threat lightly).

I've just updated my link, so I hope I can avoid an ass-kicking.


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