Monday, January 14, 2008

hooray for HRC!



Charles Montgomery said...

Dumbassery that does nothing. Find a snapshot of a candidate doing something. Mock it.


I'm a fan of this blog and not at all a fan of Hillary.

But this is the easy bullshit that degrades real analysis.

Kevin Kim said...


What you call "easy bullshit" I call "humor." Relax.

I don't know what "real analysis" has to do with what I do on this blog. I'm degrading nobody's analysis by doing what I do, and I'd feel sorry for anyone who mistook my blog for a place that offered astute insights on politics.

Now: can you live with that fact, or will you continue to wish that I stop with the "easy bullshit"-- which is, when you think of it, what 99% of this blog is?

Please don't answer; it was a rhetorical question.