Friday, October 01, 2010

a note about comments

I just saw that I had 4 comments awaiting moderation. I published 3, but deleted the fourth-- not because it carried any incendiary content, but because it was sent anonymously. Please tack on some sort of identifier when you comment, per my comments policy. I always feel bad about deleting comments that are actually civil and constructive (as this one was), but the principle underlying my "no anonymous comments" stance overrides whatever guilt I feel.



Nathan B. said...

I wrote a comment this morning that has not appeared on the quiz thread. In all honesty, though, I can't remember if I published it or not! (I was in something of a hurry.) The comment I wrote (but maybe didn't publish) was about the quiz's ignorance of the Jewish tradition post-Hebrew Bible. If that missing comment was mine, I can only assume that I had forgotten to fill in the name and URL field. Anyway, cheers, N.

Kevin Kim said...

Interesting. In fact, that was not the comment in question, so it appears that Blogger must have eaten the comment you submitted. I never saw it. Which makes me wonder how many comments have been lost to the void without even having the chance to be moderated.