Sunday, October 17, 2010

how to improve your stats

So it appears that, in order for my blog to get a huge boost in the number of visitors, all I have to do is (1) write a blog entry that quotes a significant chunk from a just-released, and highly topical, news article; then (2) add my own commentary.

Over the recent months, my stats have begun to float closer to the 100-unique-visits-per-day level. But ever since I published yesterday's post about Angela Merkel's assessment of the German situation, I've had way more traffic than I've seen in a long time. As of 7:30AM today, I've already surpassed 100 unique visits. That's not huge potatoes, but it's a curve-breaker for me. Still, since all the hits are coming from the constantly-updated BlogSearch site, I suspect the visits will fall off in a few hours. (I did gain one new Blog Follower, though. Welcome!)

Meanwhile, don't be frightened: I have no intention of writing only news-related blog entries from now on. You'll still receive your regular dose of nastiness, filth, and crabbiness.

UPDATE, 10:45AM: As of 10:30AM, the visits have dropped off sharply. I think we're about back to normal, i.e., back to the usual trickle.


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