Saturday, October 23, 2010

November means WORK

Good tidings of great joy! ETS confirmed my November schedule, so I'll be plunging back into the work force soon. I'm also attempting to sign up with a tutoring agency that matches tutors with families; I've turned in my paperwork but don't yet know whether they'll accept me as an "independent contractor," which is how the arrangement's been conceived.

Meanwhile, I continue to slap stuff up on eBay. Several items have only a few hours left before they wink out of existence, and I'll be forced to re-list them, perhaps with sexier photos. While I was ecstatic to have sold that pewter medallion by Donald DeLue for $25 plus shipping, that's been the only item to sell thus far. Am fervently hoping that someone goes for the Civil War Registry. More items are on their way, including that awesome scrapbook I wrote about earlier. Check out ingwaeungbo on eBay to see what's for sale.



Charles said...

Awesome news, man. Here's to hoping that this turns out to be a rewarding job in addition to just being a way to pay the bills.

I like your eBay name, by the way. Intriguing choice. Don't know if I'll bid on any of the items, but that's some interesting loot you have up there.

Kevin Kim said...

There's Moron The Way.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Actually, Kevin, "November" doesn't mean "work" at all but refers to the burnt-out ember of a star that went supernova. In antiquity, this month was spelled "Novaember," but has since been corrupted to its current spelling.

You really ought to do more research before making baseless claims.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

Kevin Kim said...


I need to stop relying on Wikipedia as a source.


Charles said...

Actually, November comes from the Latin "novem" for "nine," as it was the ninth month of the Roman calendar. As November will mean the beginning of positive cash flow, which will presumably allow you to purchase some new duds at some point (or be "dressed to the nines"), I think this is appropriate.

(OK, perhaps not as creative as Dr. Doom, but I tried.)

(Also, my word verification word for today? Mange. I think Blogspot is trying to tell me something...)

Kevin Kim said...

I'm pretty sure Jeff was joking with his faux-tymology.

Charles said...

Oh, I'm positive he was joking. But his etymology made me curious, so I looked up "November" and then tried to reverse engineer some twisted logic into it.

Didn't work too well, did it.

Kevin Kim said...

I debated whether to leave my previous comment, fearing that I hadn't caught that you had caught his joke. In the end, my pedantry won out.

(How do you explain "won out" as opposed to "won" to an English student?)

Charles said...

Pedantry FTW!

(Why certain prepositions are attached to verbs at some times and not at others... that is a headache.)