Saturday, October 09, 2010

New Twitter, and life on Twitter

I've barely made the acquaintance of the old Twitter, and now we're in the era of The New Twitter, which comes with extra features and functionality to make all that tweeting easier and more versatile.

Twitter hasn't exactly enriched my life, but I've found it an interesting way to amuse myself. The spatial constraint of 140 characters presents a structural challenge to the writer that's not unlike the challenge of crafting haiku. All utterances must be short and sweet, and in my case, I try to minimize the use of txt msg abbrevtns lyk "yr" 4 "your," etc. This makes finding le mot juste an exciting process.

I wanted to see whether some naughty individual had tried to craft a "Twatter" site, and sure enough, some of the domains have been created, albeit with disappointing content. Go down the list of, .nu, .org, .tv, etc., and you'll quickly see what I mean.

Despite having made the switch to the updated format, I haven't taken advantage of the features of The New Twitter yet; thus far, all I've done is change my background image because the new interface occupies almost twice as much screen space, thereby crowding out my previous background image. The new features seemed focused on embedding, i.e., you won't have to navigate away from Twitter to see something that someone has linked to. Whether this is useful to me remains to be seen.



Lorianne said...

Are you "on" Twitter, old or new? If so, I'd like to follow you. Are you linked anywhere on-blog, or would I have to track you down there?

(I post my infrequently-updated Twitterfeed on the sidebar of my blog, if you're looking for me)

Kevin Kim said...

I'm on Twitter: Can't say that you'll find much of substance there. Basically a short-form version of the mental farting you find here.


Anne said...

Twat, to womb, a merry scrote!

(Sorry, that's neither civil, relevant nor substantive. But I couldn't resist the captcha.)

Kevin Kim said...

I'm fascinated by those captcha words. I wonder what sort of Al Gore Rhythm produces them.