Sunday, October 03, 2010

where my readers like to hang

Ever since Blogger introduced its own "Stats" function, I've been poking around to discover what sort of traffic comes my way and what posts are most popular. The function came online this past June, so it hasn't really gathered a very large data set, but right now, the all-time most popular post is apparently "So Now What Do I Watch?"

I'm not sure I like the Stats function's method for counting hits. It seems far too generous compared to SiteMeter; the latter has a well-defined algorithm for distinguishing "unique visits" from "page views." Right now, I've been enjoying a steady increase in traffic as more and more people realize I'm back to blogging again. In recent months I've gone from 60 unique visits per day to 90, and have topped 100 on several occasions. Will I reach the old glory days of 350-400 unique visits per day (still a pittance by any reasonable standard)? Doubtful; most of my original audience has moved on, and with distractions like Facebook and Twitter to occupy the short of attention span, it's unlikely that I'll be garnering more traffic anytime soon unless I start publishing.


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