Saturday, October 16, 2010

must... find... work...

My new employer has sent me no word as to whether I'm to start working this coming Monday, which I suppose means that I won't be working this coming Monday... and probably won't be working the rest of the coming week, either. I had been told that the October slots had most likely already been taken (filled up at the beginning of September, before I had even gotten certified), so this doesn't come as a big surprise, but I do need to be earning some money, pronto. Par conséquent, I'm looking into other jobs, including-- God help me-- SAT tutoring, which means a return to teaching high schoolers. I've responded to one SAT-prep offer for a job paying $35-45/hour. I doubt I'll hear from the school before Monday, since I found the ad only a few hours ago. I'm gambling that the SAT students will be mostly juniors and seniors, a markedly different crop from the freshmen and sophomores who drove me screaming from any further pursuit of secondary education back in the early 90s, when I was in my twenties, fresh out of undergrad, and naive about human nature.

So it's not as though I've quit the ETS job, but because the need for funds is pressing, I do have to continue to look for work. If the job I find turns out to be more exciting (and better-paying) than rating essay after essay for under $20/hour, I'll give ETS my walking papers.