Saturday, October 30, 2010

camping trip... postponed?

An apartment search led me to what appears to be an amazing deal in the same city my buddy Mike lives in: a 3-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom domicile for $600/month. I don't think that includes utilities, however, so I'm a bit cautious about the total monthly costs. I may be visiting the couple who manage the property this coming Sunday morning, which means no camping for Kevin this weekend. This is a rather sudden cancellation, but I only just received the email about the place two hours ago.

So now I know: Craigslist isn't just peopled with freaks, after all.

UPDATE: The Craigslist ad I had seen is now gone, ever since I emailed the couple back. Now, however, they've put up ads for 3-bedroom places going for $550/month. Is this some sort of scam, or is this a normal practice?

UPDATE 2: Found this page on apartment scams... then ended up here. The couple mentioned in that second link, Robert and Angela Banks, have the same names as the couple that wrote me back. It pays to be cautious.


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