Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Anyone know where a bloke in the DC-Metro area can get a bunch of foreign money changed? The catch: a lot of it is pre-euro, and it's mostly coins. There's Korean money as well: bills and coins. Sans commission would be best, but even if the place charges commission, that's fine. Ideas?



Elisson said...

It's hard as hell to get foreign coins changed in the base case... and pre-Euro stuff will likely be impossible. My rule when traveling is to use as much foreign coin as possible, or at least turn it into paper before leaving for home.

Sperwer said...

I don't think pre-Euro currency can be converted anymore; that window of oppty is long passed. They just looked at me funny in a bank in Barcelona when I handed them a pile of old pesetas. You'd have to find some numismatist who wanted the stuff as a collectible, and he wouldn't pay much.