Saturday, October 02, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year

October! The time of year when the squirrels are going, "All right, men! This is the moment we've been waiting for!" --and then they start punching themselves in the nuts in preparation for winter.

For me, fall doesn't really begin until it's October. September is when we in northern Virginia get hints that the battle between Coolness and Warmth will eventually turn against Warmth-- but not quite yet. October, though, is when the tide begins to turn in earnest, and by the beginning of November we know that There's No Turning Back. October, then, is the true bridge to autumn. Or, to my mind, the Bridge to Awesome. Fall is my favorite time of year.



hahnak said...

bridge to awesome. YES. fall is also my favorite time and in the dc metro area, its so beautiful. we had our wedding in germantown (oh! i know you know this place: hanguksah) in early october. i was counting on some colors, but it was still mostly green. and on the day of our wedding, it was like 90 degrees. so unautumnlike. some of the guests nearly fainted it was so hot and humid. haha, fun memories!

but yea i love love autumn. krispy kreme krunchy air and leaves...

Kevin Kim said...

Holy crap-- you were married at Hanguk-sa, in Germantown, MD? Was Master Shin the officiant?

BTW, I've corrected my prepositions to accord with yours: "Bridge to autumn/Awesome," no longer "into."

Ai roozing mai ingrishi!

hahnak said...

yes, holy crap, that hanguksa, that master shin. he was in fine form that day. ill have to tell you about it should we ever meet!

god i miss hanguksah. such a nice cozy place. very beautiful.