Saturday, October 16, 2010

discovering eBay

Having seen no real action on my auction blog, I've decided to bite the bullet and shunt my wares over to eBay. eBay doesn't do anything for free; there are initial setup fees related to buyer and seller protection, synching your PayPal and eBay accounts, etc. There are also fees to display extra photos of your items (depending on the item), as well as a fee (amounting to a percentage of the final bid) when your item is sold. Revising your entry for an item can also cost you, as can the addition of doodads like the "Buy It Now" button. Through a long series of nibbles and bites, eBay takes chunks off your profit and pockets them. This is what prompted me to start my own auction blog to begin with. But eBay is well-known; I'm not. I got one bid on an expensive item, and then no followup. Lame, but not surprising.

So check out my little spot on eBay. I'll be uploading a little of this and a little of that for the foreseeable future; if you see something you like, you can bid for it or even click "Buy It Now" to seize the item for a somewhat higher price instead of just bidding. Sort of like leaping for the brass ring. Then after you've received the item and are cradling it in your arms as if it were a newborn, you can ask yourself whether you paid too much for it. Heh.

(I'll never be a good salesman. Not with my attitude.)



hahnak said...

open a free flickr account and you dont have to pay AT ALL for pictures. your first photo is free through ebay. then you provide imgs to your flickr pictures and include them in the body of the item description. as many as you want. if you dont know how to do this, let me know and i can provide you with clear, easy steps by email. knowing a small amt of html will help but i can still show you how even if you know none.

Kevin Kim said...


Great advice-- thanks. I have a Flickr account, which isn't very active because I keep forgetting about it, and I've also got a Picasa account, which I use quite often; will Picasa do? Is it just a matter of having a URL with a photo at the end of it? If so, I imagine I can use the [img src=] tag to slap photos inside the main text window.

hahnak said...

yes, tis the usual img tag:

img src="http://......."

seems like you know what to do. just go for it!