Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ave, Hahna!

At reader and friend Hahna's suggestion, I went to YouTube to watch something called "Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time." Hahna says her hubby doesn't relate to it, but she suspected that I'd enjoy it.

She was right. I did.

I've seen only one episode (if "episode" is the proper word), but it had me busting a gut. The concept seems to combine a cooking show with wanton violence toward food. The net effect is to make Swedes look endearingly ridiculous, and the fact that the dialogue was in "Swenglish" made the goings-on all the more hilarious.

This is one of those viewing experiences that can't really be explained, so I'll leave off here and will simply link to the "Chop Chop Carnage Stew" video that I saw. I'm going to go and watch more episodes. (It occurs to me that "episode" in its medical sense might be perfectly apropos for this show.)

Sweden's national tourism bureau should hire these guys to do promos. And an episode in which they throw shit at Anthony Bourdain, pummeling him with boiled chunks of Swedish culture, might also be kind of cool.


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