Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I had to take an SAT (stripped of the essay portion, so it was no different from the one I took in 1986) as part of my job interview today, but I guess the bosses thought a 1440 (740 Verbal, 700 Math-- better than I did in high school) was good enough to qualify as a teacher at their standardized test prep company.* They're not offering full-time work, but they're allowing me to stack up some hours because they have a pretty constant need for teachers. I train this coming Friday and Saturday, and start work on Monday.

In the meantime-- barring yet another cancellation tonight due to low student numbers-- I'll be working my final day at ETS tomorrow, cancelling my Friday session with ETS, and emailing the ETS central office my two weeks' notice. Not a problem, since no other work has been scheduled for me for March.

You can't imagine what a financial roller coaster ride it's been these past couple of months. I owe at least three people a good bit of money for helping me out with my living expenses. Life hasn't been easy. But at least, by the end of this month, I can begin to pay those debts off.

*The Korean boss lady who interviewed me said the 700 Math was just so-so by their standards, but with some brushing-up of my math skills, I'd be able to teach the subject.



SJHoneywell said...


700 math is so-so? I pulled a 660 in high school and was pretty pleased with that. I doubt I'd score that high now.

hahnak said...

hi FIVE!

Charles said...

Awesome news! I knew your 'nads would be up to the task.

Kevin Kim said...


I took the SAT twice. The first time, I got a 700 Verbal and a 660 Math. The second time, I got a 680 Verbal and a 700 Math, so the 700 switched. As I told a buddy of mine, I've always been tempted to report my SAT scores as a 1400 because colleges can opt to pluck the best score from each attempt. Personally, I'm proud of a 700 Math score, but this is a tutoring service that's trying to get students into the Ivy League. The boss lady told me that one of her math teachers is, in fact, a retired Georgetown prof, so that's the standard I'm up against. Most of the teachers I saw, however, struck me as fresh-faced 20-somethings.

Hahna & Charles,


John said...

Good news, Kevin! I'm sure you will do well...

Nathan B. said...

Good job, Kevin! I hope your first days of employment with this school were positive!

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks. I haven't begun work yet (that starts on Monday, March 14), but I'm looking forward to this new challenge. I've been told that I can pile up as many hours as I want (up to 38), which ought to mean a decent income-- at least enough to live on and to begin paying off the personal debt that I've accrued over the past year. The larger scholastic debt? Well, that'll get paid down as I go along.