Saturday, March 26, 2011

humble beginnings

I haven't started writing at Kevin's Walk yet (that'll change later today), but I have set up a new Kevin's Walk Twitter feed: The blog and the Twitter feed will work in concert to chronicle things like physical training, my thoughts on mistakes made during the previous walk, the status of fundraising, the status of route planning, and the walk itself, when it finally happens later this year.* For now, feel free to "follow" my tweets, and check Kevin's Walk-- the blog-- later this evening for the first posts to appear there in nearly a year.

Another milestone is approaching, actually: April 16 marks the day (two years ago, now) my mother evinced cognitive symptoms that led to my very first post about her cancer. On that day, we initially had no idea what was causing the symptoms. By the end of the day, though, we knew it was "a mass."

*Interestingly, there is no hashtag for "#walkacrossamerica." Yet.


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