Saturday, March 05, 2011




Charles said...

So trickster!

I just got finished writing (in the diss) about a tale where a woman is crying over a dead child. The trickster goes up to her and asks her why she is crying. She says, "My child, born from my own body, is dead!" So the trickster goes over to the outhouse and craps out a tapeworm. Then he starts wailing. The woman stops crying for a moment and asks the trickster why he is upset now. The trickster answers, "At least you were able to raise your child for a few years--this poor tapeworm, which was born from my own body as well, died in a pile of crap as soon as it came out!"

(Yes, that one is going into the book.)

Kevin Kim said...

And how awesome is that? I had no idea about that trickster story. Thanks for relating it.