Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what to do with my mornings

I don't have to leave for work until around noon (except on Saturdays, when the work schedule is 9AM to 5PM), and I tend to wake up around 9AM. I might be able to get my brain in gear by doing some exercise before I head off to work, but convincing my lazy self to do that isn't going to be easy. Still, a morning constitutional would be a good thing.

Today, I'm off to the bigger, noisier branch of YB. Charles asked, in a comment, how we're supposed to plan a lesson in two minutes. I think the idea is that, once you've memorized most of the library of modules-- not their content, but their titles, levels, etc.-- it's easy to plug in the correct module for the student. Since tutors are supposed to keep scrupulous records for every single thing they assign, it's possible to glance at the records and figure out right away what the next thing should be.

The problem, for me, is that I sometimes have to skip around the records to find the relevant information: a student's previous lesson might have involved math, and I'm not a math guy, so I have to hunt further in the past to find a day when the student had reading or writing work to do, then extrapolate forward from the record for that day. I can't say much more without getting into specifics, so I'll leave off here.

Third day of work. First at a new location. Fingers crossed.


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