Saturday, March 19, 2011


Before I got this new job, I spent most of my time barefoot. Now, however, I cleave to a "business casual" dress code which includes, for the moment, a pair of dress shoes that have a tendency to cut into my Achilles tendons when I walk. The solution is to wear two pairs of socks-- a thin black pair over a thick white pair.

Today is only my fifth day on the job, and I'm amazed at the pile of socks I've already generated. They're heaped inside my laundry bag, no doubt confused and terrified to have been so suddenly called to duty after months-- years, really-- of placid inaction. Yes, O Socks: it's wartime, and I Want You.

The increase in sock-wearing has brought with it an increase in nighttime foot-washing when I come home-- water, soap, rubbing alcohol, water. Time to slip some Odor Eaters into those shoes to minimize the stink that develops during the day.


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