Sunday, March 06, 2011

"Epic Meal Time" versus "Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time"

I've now seen a few episodes of "Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time," and they're all equally funny to me. There's another series, with greater viewership, called "Epic Meal Time," which seems to be done in the same vein. In fact, I'm going to guess that "Epic Meal Time," which appears to be a Canadian production, came first. But first doesn't always mean best, and having watched some "Epic Meal Time," I think the Swedes beat the Canucks. You see, the guys at "Epic Meal Time" don't pummel their food (or at least, they don't pummel it much), which automatically makes their show appear more timid. On the plus side, the Canucks seem more interested in presenting actual cooking techniques as opposed to leaving proper prep to the imagination. Here's their most recent effort: "TurBacon Epic Thanksgiving," with over 4 million views. You might also like "Chili Four Loko."

And while we're talking YouTube, here's a link to an oldie but a goodie: "How 'The Empire Strikes Back' Should Have Ended."



hahnak said...

yes, reg ord swedish meal time was an "retourt" to the epic meal time.

i absolutely agree that the swedes beat the canucks. epic is missing the humor that i crave. swedish meal time definitely delivers a funny punch.

glad you enjoyed it!

watched how empire should have ended, and it never occured to me that vader might have prevented luke from falling... thats pretty funny

Gooneyank said...

What are you talking about? ROSMT is a joke. He just screams and throws some food around, cooks it and calls it good. At least the Epic Meal Time guys make food that can be somewhat replicated. I could make a show like ROSMT with my phone and $10 for groceries. Epic Meal Time puts thought and creation into their food. You would have to pay me to watch that sorry excuse for a reproduction of Epic Meal Time again. Bacon Weavin' fo days!

Kevin Kim said...

Wow-- a comment on a long-ago post! Thanks for visiting.

I'll grant that the Canucks have the more intelligent production, but it's nowhere near as funny as what the crazy Swedes are doing. If you do decide to make a video that's supposedly better than ROSMT, send me a link and I'll let my handful of readers be the judges.