Sunday, March 06, 2011

potential good news on the job front

I'm interviewing for an SAT prep position on Monday. The goal will be to persuade the nice lady that I'd be worth her while as a full-time employee and not merely a part-time one, but if part-time is all she has on offer, I may take that. Anything is better than what I'm doing now-- not because of the nature of the job (I promised months ago not to whine about that) but because of the amount of work I've been getting, which is next to nothing. You can't pay the rent and all your other bills if you've gotten only $600 the entire month. Luckily, my federal tax refund arrived by direct deposit this past Thursday, just in time to save my big ass. I need to get hired (and I need to say adios to ETS) this week if I plan on having a roof over my head.

So wish me luck. The interview also includes a sit-down test-- probably a mock SAT to make sure I'm as good as I claim to be. It ought to be a breeze, but just to be sure, I'm working on some online practice tests. If quizzes make you quizzical, then tests ought to make you testical, and testicular fortitude is what I'll be needing on Monday. I should probably take a hint from those crazy Swedes as to how to approach the interview that day:

Grrrrraaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!! Sveedish styyyyyyyyllllllllllle!!!



hahnak said...

i wish you luck. i really hope you get that job, part-time or (preferably of course) full.

Charles said...

Good luck with that. I have full confidence in your testicular fortitude.