Wednesday, March 09, 2011

former profs of mine

My favorite grad school prof has a YouTube channel of his own! Here's Dr. Jones with his guitar.

And a prof from Georgetown, John Haught, gets a couple mentions on Lee's blog. I doubt Haught remembers me at all. If he does, he may remember me as the lazy sophomore bastard who walked into the final exam for his Science, Myth, and Religion class 30 minutes late.

Yes, my freshman and sophomore years really ruined my undergrad GPA, but I did clean up my act during my junior and senior years: junior year was spent in Switzerland, where I completed my religious studies minor, and senior year was primarily devoted to taking the courses that eventually got me a gig teaching French. I often think it's a shame that my grades from junior year weren't averaged into my final GPA; I did pretty well while in Switzerland.

Anyway, enjoy experiencing the music and theological insights of two of my spiritual parents. (Lee may already have figured out that Dr. Haught has a soft spot for process theology and the work of Teilhard de Chardin. Haught has been at the interface of science and religion since I first met him in the 1980s.)



Charles said...

"Science, Myth, and Religion" sounds like a fascinating class.

Charles said...

Incidentally, my undergraduate studies seem to have mirrored yours in some aspects, such as getting crappy grades in my first two years (particularly in my third semester) and then going abroad in my junior year and eventually cleaning things up.

(Sorry for the double comment, but it did get me an awesome WV word!

extelist: (n) someone who formerly adhered to the concept of "planned progress" (telesis), but now just sits around on the couch drinking beer and watching game shows.

True, it would probably be "extelesist," but it's pretty durn close.)