Tuesday, March 29, 2011

debts: PAID!

Of course, these days, the linguistic trend is to add "bitches!" to every triumphal statement, so:

PAID, bitches!

My money arrived from Korea way faster than I thought it would, possibly thanks to the Swift code that I included with my bank information. I immediately paid off all my outstanding bills-- internet, land line, cell phone, and utilities-- and now I'm free and clear. Rent is no longer something to dread; things have stabilized, just like that.

I've got some creditors to pay off as well; they'll be receiving their moolah in due course. One creditor will be paid off completely this week; the other two (my very patient brothers) will have to expect installments, given how much I owe them. But at least I'm back on track, now; I no longer have to labor under that crushing feeling that comes with not having enough money to do, well, anything.

My car, meanwhile, is slowly falling apart: I think I've now got a muffler problem to add to the list. Along with the car, I've still got to buy new clothing (and shoes!) for my job, buy some household necessities, renew my Costco membership, get new contact lenses, upgrade car insurance, purchase renter's insurance, and God knows what else. So it's not as if this windfall of cash is going to last me forever. Then again, thanks to my job, I've now got cash flow, and that's what matters.

I also had a great Monday at YB, which helped. It was the first day I felt on top of things.



hahnak said...

yay! enjoy the windfall! so saving up until sept will be enough?

Kevin Kim said...

It depends on how much fundraising I manage to accomplish between now and then. In all likelihood, I'll have to keep raising funds even while I'm walking, and I hope to do that, anyway, on behalf of GBM victims.

Charles said...

I had no idea you wore contacts. And I don't think I've ever seen you with glasses--or is my memory just that bad?

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, I've had bad eyes all my life. Getting contacts in high school-- back when I was a junior, I think-- was a relief. I also have an old pair of glasses that somehow still work nearly perfectly for me, despite my having had them for years. Last year, in fact, the eye doctor was confounded when I did the vision test with those glasses on and scored a 20/20. I doubt I've ever worn those glasses in your presence.

Charles said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you've never worn them in front of me.

My eyes aren't the best, but they're good enough for government work. In fact, I need to get an eye test done to renew my U.S. driver's license sometime soon, so I'll know just what my eyesight is now.