Sunday, April 01, 2012

I wonder

I wonder how my blogroll would look if I used different categories to sort the blogs listed on it. Categories like:

Good Content, But Lots of Typos
Never Talks About Gardening
Rarely Updates
Smartass Tone
Fuck These People

I've been thinking about revamping the sidebar, anyway. A sleeker, more serious black-and-white look is what I'm thinking; the current artwork, which is mostly Photoshopped color images, might be replaced by new brush art and/or B&W line art.

We'll see. No firm decisions yet.



SJHoneywell said...

I think the only one I fit in is "Never Talks About Gardening." I mean, I may personally be left-leaning, but my blog tends to be politically non-observant. And I do try to avoid typos.

'Course you may well put me in the last group.

Charles said...

Oh dear... I'm pretty sure I know which category I fit into. I might have even been the inspiration for it.

Kevin Kim said...


If you're talking about "Rarely Updates," nah. I was thinking of someone else, whose blogging energy has been almost completely sapped by Twitter. It's a sad thing to see a decent blog abandoned in the name of a superficial microblogging format. (That same blog might also fit under "Good Content, But Lots of Typos.")


Maybe I should retitle the category: "Never Talks About Gardening or Politics." For what it's worth, my impression is that you lean only moderately leftward. Then again, you and I have never had an extended political discussion, so I could be very wrong.

John said...

Hmm, I've got the typos but I'm not sure it would be truthful to characterize my content as "good". (Isn't the period outside the quotation mark wrong? I guess I actually have more examples of poor grammar than typos, but truth be told I have a lot of both.) Which is why I tend to post more pictures these days. Hard to fuck that up...

Hell, I'm just proud to be linked period!

Kevin Kim said...


I never associate you with typos. I've got some folks on my blogroll who can't seem to make it through a single paragraph without making at least two typos and/or grammatical mistakes.

"Isn't the period outside the quotation mark wrong?"

Not if you're British! But yes, it's wrong in US English.

Surprises Aplenty said...

There's a name for this kind of blog-post, isn't there? Your post isn't a Rorschach Test, but I think there are psychological tests like this.

I actually hope I fit in the first category. you need more "give with the left hand, take with the right" groupings.
Right-leaning and broccoli eating
Left-leaning, but fat
Never talks about Gardening, seems like an alcoholic
Rarely Updates but has a hot wife
Fuck These People but, Not Their Blogs

Kevin Kim said...


That is fucking hilarious. I had a good chuckle. But now that you've come up with the give/take idea, I can't use it. It's yours to use.

Kevin Kim said...

As a side note, I find it interesting that this post has elicited so much soul-searching.

Maven said...

Not even sure where I fit in on that blogroll now! I have blogs for food and for my hobby of crochet/fiber arts, and my personalish blog I've been neglecting a bit. My health blog I made invitation only, as I've been dealing with a stalker-of-sorts. Still here, in the wings, reading when I'm home (your blog, and surprisingly my FIBER BLOG, are Websense'd out at work). Good times!

Elisson said...

"Way too many pictures of cats."

"Constantly posts about food, as if we gave a shit what he had for supper last night."


Nathan B. said...

Oh no! Typos--I'm guilty. On the positive side, at least I do often correct them later. Sometimes I post when I'm with my son; in that case, I have to check things later. As for punctuation inside or outside of quotations marks, it's whatever mood I'm in that determines the results. That's one of the [insert adjective of choice here] things about being Canadian.