Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Uma's dad comes to Korea

Robert Thurman is a prominent figure in Buddhist academe. His own studies (and practice) are mostly within the Tibetan tradition, but his knowledge isn't confined to one narrow field. Thurman has taken a trip to Korea to visit Buddhist monastics there; it's thanks to my friend Charlie (of KimcheeGI fame-- his Twitter feed is here), who sent me a link to this Joongang article (it's in Korean) about Thurman's visit, that I know about this at all. Trivia: since there's no "th" sound in Korean, the article calls him "Robert Seomeon."*

And yes: Dr. Robert Thurman is indeed Uma's dad, so if you're planning to send Uma a love letter, you'd have an easier time tracking her father down than trying to get past Uma's handlers. (For all I know, though, he may already be long wary of Uma-seekers, and would see right through your tactic.)

*The "eo" represents a sound between "aw" and "uh."



Sperwer said...

Years ago in NYC, I attended a very interesting lecture by Thurman on the iconography of Tibetan thankas and the related "devotional" practices as psycho-spiritual technologies". Right afterwards i met Uma shopping in an upscale lingerie store in Greenwich Village - where another sort of behavior-modifying technology was on offer. ;))

Kevin Kim said...

Christianity says "Seek and ye shall find," but Buddhism seems more to stress the idea that you find once you give up the self-conscious urge to search.

Which is why Uma appeared.

I hope you were able to find a thong that fit you without riding up too much.