Sunday, April 29, 2012

giving in

YB was nice enough to give me a $50 Amazon gift card and a $30 Barnes and Noble gift card this past Christmas. I ended up giving the Amazon card to my goddaughter, who's an avid reader (she had a lot of fun unwrapping that gift, which I'd nonsensically placed within five or six layers of packaging; the outermost layer was a huge cardboard box), but I kept the BN card and basically forgot about it until this afternoon. My students at YB have, after endless campaigning and cajoling, convinced me to give the Hunger Games trilogy a go, so I ordered the boxed set. It was on sale for $31.50; BN charges tax on its purchases, which added another $1.80, so I ended up paying a grand total of $3.30 for all three books.

They'd better be good, dammit!


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