Saturday, April 07, 2012

a happy Good Friday to you

It's too bright and sunny to be gloomy this Good Friday. Enjoy the day, whatever your creed, even if you're a Spaghettimonsterian.* To my Jewish peeps: a mindful beginning to Pesach come sundown. That reminds me... it's charoset season! Gotta get cracking and make some. A trip to Wegmans might be in order.

*Charles, in the comments, notes the correct term is Pastafarian.



Elisson said...

In a slight break with hidebound tradition, I threw a couple of Bosc pears into my charoset this year, along with the usual blend of Granny Smiths and Galas. Hoo BOY, is it good.

Charles said...

The correct term for the religion that honors the FSM is "pastafarianism." I would have thought a religious studies guy like yourself would know that.

Kevin Kim said...


Guess it's time for me to commit seppuku.

Elisson said...

Kevin, whatever you do, don't commit seppuku. You're liable to get seppuku-ticemia.

Kevin Kim said...


I may have contracted a case of pun-itis from that comment.