Sunday, April 01, 2012

final dash

I have about twelve hours to complete my writing assignment. Once it's over, I plan to kick back and watch "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," which I bought from iTunes about a week ago-- my one indulgence (well... except for my iTunes rental of "The Way"). I'm also going to have an extra day of free time this week: the Powers that Be at YB Near have told me that, because this coming week is spring break for Fairfax County kids, we won't be hosting enough students at the center to warrant having all the teachers there every day; as a result, we teachers will be suffering "rolling blackouts": one colleague, who's there five days a week, will be losing two days; another colleague and I will be losing a day. My Day of Sacrifice is Tuesday, which means I've got an imposed four-day weekend. May as well enjoy it.

Things will get better by the end of this month, despite the lack of work this coming Tuesday. I'm expecting a large payment for a big proofing job, another payment for private tutoring, and of course the $900 payment by Maison Boussole for the work I'm finishing up today.

Off to work.


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