Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I ended up staying home yesterday, which means I've got stuff to do today. Laundry, for instance. And charoset shopping. About the only thing I accomplished on Easter Sunday-- aside from writing a few blog posts-- was watching the rest of the shows on my Hulu queue, then watching "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy." The latter turned out to be a very good film, though it did proceed at a snail's pace, and the ending left me a bit confused as to the role of one character in particular; after watching the film, I had to read the Wikipedia synopsis to de-confuse myself.*

In all, I've used this weekend to relax. The Seoul office of MB wrote me back yesterday to say that my (extensive!) revisions were all satisfactory, which means I'm officially done with that project. Today, despite my short list of things to do, I'm planning to take it easy.

*I didn't know whether Jim Prideaux (played by Mark Strong), who ends up killing the mole, was himself a second mole. There was a flashback scene that made it seem as if Prideaux and the mole actually had a history. That scene, in turn, made it seem as if Prideaux's motive for killing the mole was to preserve his own cover. According to the Wikipedia synopsis, though, this wasn't the case: Prideaux, a loyal Brit, killed the mole out of a sense of betrayal. I'll need to watch the film a second-- and maybe a third-- time to get it all straight.


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