Friday, April 20, 2012

relief is on the way

As happens every pay period, I've just spent most of the past two weeks in the red, but relief is coming. I got paid by YB-- the direct deposit came in right after midnight-- and this coming week, I'm expecting payment from Seoul-based Maison Boussole for the work I finished earlier this month. Along with that, I'll soon be receiving a fee for private tutoring, and sometime in May I hope to be getting a puny $80 refund check from the Commonwealth of Virginia. There may or may not be other payments in the offing... we'll see.

This infusion comes at just the right time: I owe Uncle Sam $288 (sent in my check last week after waiting as long as I could); I also need to renew my Costco membership, get my car's tires and air filters replaced, restock my fridge (never cheap these days), resupply my utility closet (light bulbs, paper towels, etc.), get my yearly emissions inspection, pay back a friend, buy some new shirts, and do a host of other things-- all of this on top of my usual, unrelenting conveyor belt of monthly bills. Most of the money I'm getting will be gone by the end of May, but at least I'll have a breather for a few weeks.


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